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2011 - Running Time: 86 minutes


The Breakfast Club meets Clerks, when slackers are supposed to count goods in a discount-furniture store—and they discover things about each other and themselves.

Made in Greater Boston for under $100,000, this is true independent feature-filmmaking. And it's irreverent good fun!


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"[T]he kind of lightning-in-a-bottle comedic magic that infused contemporary ensemble classics like The Breakfast Club and Empire Records.

The film, a grand-slam giggler concerning the exploits of a group of self-obsessed slackers on inventory day at a small furniture retailer, is side-splitting, clock-punching fun. A brilliant spiritual fusion of
Clerks, Waiting and senior study-hall, Inventory is a fresh take on what happens when too much time, too many brains, and not enough motivation are left to ferment in a vat of minimum-wage apathy.

...working-class wit, wholesale humor, and the kind of break-room antics that will keep your funny bone working overtime.
  —Joseph James Bellamy, Reel Zine

"This independent movie made in the Boston area took 2 years to complete and believe me it was worth the wait.... so funny I had tears coming out of my eyes... had to pause the movie so I could catch my breath. The actors all had great chemistry.... The movie was full of laughs and actually... had a pretty touching and inspiring message woven throughout... a great movie."
  —Mattysville Radio

"An independent movie that didn't make me want to gouge my eyes out. Made me laugh my a** off.
  —Jim Martin, writer from NBC's Heroes

"Inventory is awesome! A good story with entertaining characters, good enough to watch more than once. It’s nice to see a movie produced in New England that is not only of professional quality and performance, but has a truly organic feel to the concept and dialogue."
  —Filmmaker Daniel Lee White

"The Inventory soundtrack features an amazing collection of powerpop, from classic bands like Shoes and Stackridge to more recent, relatively unknown but worthy artists such as The Lolas and Jeremy. If you're a melody freak, then the music alone is a big reason to look forward to seeing—and hearing—this new indie film!"
  —David Bash, Founder, The International Pop Overthrow Festival



Christian Anthony as Greg

Ken Breese as Chuck Spratt

Matt Carbo as John Panda

Lea DeGloria as Tarot Woman (Customer #2)

Shelly "Nunchucks" Finnegan as Jackie (Maria)

Chris Holliday as Barbara

Amanda Hurley as Eleanor Stanley

Dennis Hurley as Percy

Quentin James as Tucker

Cat Miller as Zoë

Katarina Morhacova as Nastasia

Irina Peligrad as Bess

David Thompson as Dave

Also featuring:

Luisa Badaracco as Customer #3

Paul Blumenfeld as Motivational Speaker

Buddy as John Panda's Dog

Justin Fielding as Customer #1


Written, Directed, and Produced by Justin Fielding

Executive Producer Dennis Hurley

Story by Justin Fielding, Kevin Hammer, Dennis Hurley, Katarina Morhacova

Cinematography by Johnathan Carr, Kevin Hammer, John Koziol

Camera Operated by Johnathan Carr, Justin Fielding, Robert Fielding, Kevin Hammer, John Koziol

Production Manager Liz McKeon

Edited by Justin Fielding, Kevin Hammer, and John Koziol

Sound Recording, Sound Editing, and Sound FX by Kevin Hammer

Color correction by John Koziol (Digital Color Timer) and Kevin Hammer (Colorist)

Production Assistant Conor Holliday


"Theme from Inventory" by The Bad Pixels and Dennis Hurley

"Kickin' Kiev" by The Bad Pixels and Katarina Morhacova

"Homefront Cameo" by Cotton Mather

"Time Is Running Out" by Jeremy

"Watch the Movie" by Lolas

"Kill, Kill, Kill" by Martin Luther Lennon

"Either Way" by The Nerk Twins (Jeff Murphy of Shoes and Herb Eimerman of The Britannicas)

"Dance in the Fire" by Self Animation

"Cruel You" by Shoes

"Found a Girl" by Shoes

"Twist and Bend It" by Shoes

"Sunshiny Daydream" by Splitsville

"Grooving Along on the Highway on a Monday Morning Once" by Stackridge

"It Must Be Time for Bed" by Stackridge

"This Time" by Starbelly

"Ben Takes a Walk to Lose Company and on the Way He Sees Some Ice Skaters" by The Sugarplastic

"Euripides the Jaguar" by The Sugarplastic

"Timpani Heart" by The Sun Sawed in 1/2

"July 7th, 1965" by Tiny Volcano

"Mary Goes Around" by Tiny Volcano

"You (and Everything You Do)" by The Tor Guides

Special Thanks:

Everyone at Mattress Warehouse #1 — the most wonderful and generous location folks ever!

Mark Fischer

Bruce Brodeen

David Bash

Jeremy Morris

Daren Hammer

Barry Lyons

Dan Fejes